Great Ocean Road & the Twelve Apostles

As our journey continues, we found ourselves at the start of the Great Ocean Road. Home of the Twelve Apostles. A short detour took us to Hopkins Falls, just before the road begins (or ends depending on which way you're heading!). Hardly Niagara Falls but still a beautiful location!

According to a source on google, the Great Ocean Road is in the top 10 must do drives in your lifetime so evidently we were looking forward to the trip ahead. Along the coastline of the mighty Southern Ocean, the road winds its way 243km between the Victorian cities of Allansford and Torquay. Built by returned soldiers between 1919 and 1932, the road is the worlds largest war memorial and is dedicated to soldiers killed in World War One.

After spending the last two months hardly seeing another human being, we have finally tracked down where they all are! We had a feeling that there maybe a few other people waiting for this photograph, however we did not expect to come across what we did. At a guess, there must have been over a thousand people! We tried to capture the mayhem off the iPhone and have included a short video of the helicopter tours running day after day ferrying customers on a short flight to witness the Twelve Apostles from above. Clearly we're all in the wrong business! At 145 AUD a person (for the cheapest flight) you would think not many people would do this! How wrong we were!! 

Here are a couple of photos from the Twelve Apostles and surrounding area.

For those of you thinking there aren't twelve.. you're not the only ones!! We imagined there would be twelve apostles hence the name, however it seems they have lost a few!!  The most recent fell in 2005 and only eight remain.

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