At the end of the Great Ocean Road, we decided to go and check out Melbourne. There was only one real reason we were going here!... 

For those of you that know us, you know we have a little bit of love of Formula 1! We felt it would be rude not to go and have a look at the Albert Park circuit, located in the centre of the city. Not realising we would be able to drive pretty much 95 percent of the circuit you can imagine our excitement to realise we could now spend the afternoon setting lap times!!!!! (albeit on public roads with other traffic obstacles!!)

Only a couple of parts of the public road around Albert Park which is used on race weekend differ from the actual f1 circuit... we guess its to stop idiots like us doing lap times!!

Here is a lap of our Toyota Landcruiser up against Lewis Hamilton's 2012 Mclaren! We never knew the Landcruiser was so quick!

After we spent 4 hours and a tank of fuel doing laps, (seriously!) we decided to go and have a look at the city! As cities go, Melbourne is our favourite, mainly because of the reason above!

Below are a couple of photos of the city and the graffiti lane, which is pretty incredible sight.

A quick trip to the MCG to show the Aussies how to play cricket!!

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