Update - ABSTRACT AERIAL ART is coming!

After just over a month on our working adventure, we began to realise we were building up a large library of truly bizarre images captured by the drone that we had no idea what to do with.

With this in mind, ABSTRACT AERIAL ART was born! 

We have set up a sideline project on Instagram showcasing the weird and wonderful world from above. 

As we grow, the aim is to post photos from anyone around the globe who is interested in sending us their creations. 

For those of you with Instagram, be sure to follow @abstractaerialart and be prepared to see some outrageous images!! For those without, we will be setting up a gallery on our website, www.planetearthimages.com so you're not left out!

The aim is not to work out what the photos are but to appreciate just how strange our planet can look from above.

Below are the first 2 photographs from our personal collection, and judging by the last few hours activity on Instagram it seems rather popular!

Mike AndrewsComment