How was your Monday?!

Monday's as you all know aren't usually the best days of the week and this Monday for us wasn't any different.. an extremely hard day to be working! White sands, turquoise sea's and blue skies.. not our idea of heaven!! 

The photo below shows just how hard it was...

This is the Ningaloo Reef in Exmouth, Western Australia, a world heritage site and as picturesque as the photos show. For our UK readers, it is as similar to Exmouth, Devon in no way whatsoever!!

Here are some photos to prove we were working..

No really, we were!

This is what we really came here to photograph, the stunning reef as seen from the drone. The colours blew us away and we weren't expecting it to look as spectacular as this.

Closer to the ground and during a bit of snorkelling, these turtles came out for a little photoshoot. You'll be glad to know the drone hasnt crashed again.. these were taken on the GoPro!


After a large lunch of a KitKat, we headed to another secluded bay along the reef to photograph a couple of people we had met earlier in the day who were up for starring in the image we had in mind. We were pretty chuffed with how the top photo in particular came out as the plan was to pose the question, 'would you run from here?' 

As our terrible day drew to a close, we had one last photograph from the drone we wanted to get. A shipwreck named the SS Mildurra which lies just off the coast between the town of Exmouth and Cape Range National Park where the Ningaloo Reef is situated. On the return flight, the clouds also put on a performance we couldn't help but photograph. In black and white, I think you'll agree this looks quite surreal. The masts from the US naval communication station almost appear to be suspending the clouds above them.

All in a days work for Planet Earth Images and we do apologise if this makes you slightly jealous! Here are a few left over photos we had left over from the day.

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