It's been a while!!

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46,503 km later, we have arrived back in Sydney..and in one piece!!

This is very hard to believe considering we have only been here just over 4 months. The response from people who have asked how far we've been is one of disbelief, luckily we have an image that sums this fact up far better than we could ever explain. The picture above is a GPS map of the images we have taken with the drone. It is safe to say we've seen our fair share of Australia!! Just to confirm the distance travelled, we took a picture of the odometer readings when we purchased the car and when we sold it, just incase there are still any doubters!!

We have actually driven more than this as the odometer and speedometer stopped working for about 600km before the end of our trip. This may have been a blessing in disguise as our fifth service of the trip was due at 408,000km!! (Yes, you read that right!!)

If you include our first trip to Australia in the one year we've been here, we have gone through two cars and have clocked 69,791km. (plus a little more) To put that distance into perspective, it's the same as driving around the circumference of the world once and then three quarters of the way back around again!! Or, driving from London to Sydney, Sydney back to London, London back to Sydney, then Sydney back to London!!! 

We apologise for being so quiet on the blog recently. (thank you for the reminder Mr Tappenden!) The reason for our silence is due to the fact we have been concentrating on our other business adventure - Abstract Aerial Art. The response we've had to it has warranted our full attention!

We of course haven't forgotten about Planet Earth Images, however, as time was running out we made the decision to put everything into Abstract Aerial Art to see where it takes us.

Since our last post, we left Shark Bay in Western Australia, headed east into South Australia, headed back north through central New South Wales, up into northern Queensland and finally back down the east coast to Sydney. (you can see why we've done so many kilometres!)

Below is a very brief summary of the past month or so, and is in no particular order.

This is what most people want to come and find when they head to a country known for its beauty...a remote paradise island.

This however is where we end up!! In some respects it's almost more breathtaking, however not a location we advise you to head to!

Locations such as this are the reason why we've wanted to make the most of our time left in Australia to focus on Abstract Aerial Art. Below is the abstract image we took here and why we choose to search for the not so exotic places!

Here's a few other images we've yet to share with you whilst we've been missing in action!

Leaving South Australia 5 weeks ago, we were treated to colours from a sunset that will be hard to beat.

A random collection of photographs taken whilst looking for Abstract Aerial Art.

A slight contrast to what we've been used to for the last four months! Two weeks ago we arrived on the Gold Coast, Queensland. It was the first real bit of civilisation we'd seen since leaving Sydney back in November, and it was quite a shock! This is an image of Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast in full glow.

In the very little spare time we've had, we took the opportunity to see what other creative opportunities having a drone can bring.

Game, Set and Match was the caption we came up with for this...let us know in the comments if you've got anything better!

As soon as we saw this image on the laptop, our first thoughts were...roundabouts at night look like watches! We then thought it would be an idea to add a Rolex watch face to our drone picture! Hopefully they'll be calling soon!!!

Here is another Abstract Aerial Art print of ours. We named it The Pulse. It is in fact part of the windiest road in Australia, snaking its way through the mountain forests in northern Queensland. 

Here we were experimenting with long exposure shots of cars and roads at night taken from above. We haven't quite perfected this yet!

Finally, we saw the sign we most wanted to see! (as strange as that sounds!!)

This one however was quite a surprise!! We're not sure what the nearest police could do 1000km away!

We have a few final things to add to the blog, including our accommodation, how we've managed to keep everything charged in the outback with no power in sight and the equipment we used. We won't set a timeframe as to when these will be posted! know how well that's gone so far!!! We do promise they will be uploaded as soon as possible! 

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