Stuck in the mud!

Another typical day with Planet Earth Images! We were heading to a billabong not far from Wyndham, WA to find a giant crocodile that we saw the last time we were in Australia. Back then it was the dry season and the road was rock solid. This time however was a different story. Mud, clay like surface. After about 2km, things took a turn for the worst and the inevitable happened! Stuck in the mud in the middle of nowhere, far from civilisation and 40 degree heat! Great! We tried everything we could to get it out but just made things worse. Luckily we had 1 bar of signal so we phoned a towing company in Wyndham to come and rescue us. Typically he wouldn't answer his phone..... Back to square one! Rang another towing company in Kunurrura which was 100kms from our position, the bloke we spoke to was extremely helpful and told us he would quite happily come and get us out but said it would cost a fortune, so suggested we ring the police in Wyndham... So thats what we did! We had a bit of a wait before they arrived so we took the opportunity to fly the drone and you'll see what we captured and how remote we were in the images below. A couple of hours went by and they finally arrived. Unfortunately they weren't brave enough to get close to us, so they ended up walking the last couple of hundred meters and after a long discussion on what the best plan of action was, we ended up deflating the tyres to nearly flat and going hell for leather! Power solves everything as Jeremy Clarkson would say! Finally we got her out and back to safety. Another eventful day!

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