Crossing the Nullarbor (BORE!!) and an incredible story!

We have now arrived in South Australia after crossing the infamous Nullarbor plain, no fuel, no people, no food, no water, murdered backpackers, the place is supposedly famous for it all. The word 'Nullarbor' comes from the latin words nullus, "no" and arbor, "tree". So before driving across this area of treeless country, we were really looking forward to seeing what the trip had in store for us.

Having now completed the journey, we are happy to report there are thousands of trees! In fact, it seemed as though all we saw were trees! We also saw numerous fuel stations with eating facilities, the occasional person and thankfully, no murdered backpackers. Water however was not available as the sign we pictured clearly warned us about!

Unfortunately, during our trip the wind was probably the strongest we've encountered on our trip so far, therefore Pablo (the drone) had to be kept in his box! All we can offer you photo wise are a couple of snaps we took on our phones. 

The most famous stretch of the Nullarbor... We think the sign is self explanatory


A large town midway across. The population (of people) rose by 25% as Planet Earth Images rolled into town!!

Probably the most fascinating part about our crossing was coming across two people we saw wandering through the arid landscape pushing what looked like shopping trollies! We obviously had to stop to see what on earth was going on. Turned out to be two chaps from the UK who have an incredible story...

Three years ago they set off from Cardiff Castle, Wales, UK to walk to Cardiff, New South Wales, Australia!!!! In a bid to raise money for charities working in water and marine conservation. To see their full story visit: - if you feel inclined, please donate to their cause.

We like many others are now following their progress and can only wish them the very best of luck in completing this monumental task! Having driven around large parts of Australia and knowing the distances involved, we can't even begin to imagine what these lads must be going through, and they've already walked across most of the world to get here!!!!

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