Storm Chasing

Following the up and down last few days, we decided to do what we do best and go storm chasing! We headed west towards the Western Australian border as the the radar suggested some intense activity in the area. We really didn't need the radar, all we had to do was to look towards the sky and head towards the evil looking skies! The images below capture the storm brewing and our rather interesting next few hours!

Now for the good stuff..! Not going to lie, the next few hours were a little unnerving to say the least. We had a couple of very close calls. All part of the fun and to be honest, we wouldn't want to be doing anything else!

Captured in timber creek. It would seem like we have recreated a rather famous movie intro!

timber creek part ii

further down the road, things were getting more intense. little did we know what we'd come across next...


Now for the main event. Just before the western Australian border on the edge of the Northern Territories we could see an orange glow on the horizon. We realised the lightning had struck the sparse outback landscape surrounding us and we were engulfed within a wildfire! Not putting us off however, irrelevant of the danger and instead of running for cover, we could not resist to photograph the situation we found ourselves in. The photos and videos below capture Planet Earth Images finest hour so far!

This will also prove there was no photoshop trickery involved!

behind the scenes videos from the storm

The chase is on!

Wildfire/lightning antics - Capturing the shot

Trying to give you an idea of just how intense this lightning was...see if you can spot the idiots in the video!