Technical Issues...!

Apologies for an overdue blog post, but we had a slight problem while we were filming and photographing in Broome. Turns out Drones don't like rocks...!!

We've had to drive 2500km's to Perth to get it fixed, as this was the closest repair shop from where we were. Not the most convenient! Anyway, after 5 days, we have now got the drone back up and running and we should be back to normal in the next couple of days. We are now planning to drive back up north to Exmouth to photograph and film the beautiful Ningaloo Reef. Cant wait! 

Below are a few random photos of the last few days. Starting in Kununnurra, where Mike's flip flops broke while we were stuck in the mud! Decided they were best left in a part of the world we love yet have encountered some interesting days to say the least!

After the flip flop ceremony, we saw the weather changing and went back on the hunt for more lightning shots and seeing these skies, we were pretty hopeful that we were in for a good show! Have you ever seen the sky look so menacing!? Unbelievably nothing happened!! (there are worse places to be disappointed I suppose!)

It turned out to be a beautiful evening, so our hopes of more lightning shots ended up being sunsets instead! Welcome to Australia in the wet season!

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