We made it!


Looks like we over estimated our arrival date!! Possibly could have made Friday but we had to stop a few times as it was so hot and we had to cool the engine down in whatever shade we could find! We also couldn't resist sending up the drone to get some aerial shots of the outback. 

We have taken a detour up to Darwin, to resupply and we'll hopefully head to Kakadu on Tuesday. Fingers crossed the weather holds out but we might be being optimistic as we are in the wet season! Won't stop us though..we will do what we can!

Below is a brief summary in photos of the last 5 days. Seeing as it was hour after hour of mind numbing driving, please don't get too excited just yet!!


Leaving the Blue Mountains, Sydney

Entering the outback, NSW

More outback!

And you guessed it..Even more outback!! (it's a big place!)

Interesting border crossing into Queensland from New South Wales. Gained an hour rather quickly!


The border crossing form Queensland to Northern Territory was a bit more ominous!..sign of things to come??


Taking a breather from the long drives. Good job there's not much traffic!!

Taking a breather from the long drives!

There is other life out here!!!

When Travelling through the outback, and you come across a pub you can't not stop for a pint..especially here. The Daly Waters Pub. The original outback pub in the Northern Territory. Apparently it all stated in the 80's when a coach driver had a drinking bet with his female passengers. Guess that's what the bras are all about!! Since then travellers passing by decided to carry on the trend by leaving all sorts of treasures behind. From Irish hurling sticks to flip flops! Well worth a visit!

Mike Andrews