10 days with Planet Earth Images!

Once again, we start with an apology for the long delay between blog posts. Reading this you may understand why it's been a little tricky to keep you up to date!

Since we last spoke in Melbourne, we have covered 6530kms in 10 days! A journey that takes 7 hours 45 minutes in an aeroplane!!! 

You may think this is crazy, and you would be right! However, following the interest we are getting in Abstract Aerial Art and knowing what Western Australia and The Kimberley have to offer, it was too good an opportunity to miss.

In these 10 days, we have been to:

  • 11 National Parks
  • A missile range
  • A nuclear testing facility within the prohibited zone of the South Australian outback (an area almost the same size as England!)
  • Two deserts
  • The Opal capital of the world
  • Various Salt flats
  • Northern Territory
  • The Red Centre of Australia
  • Uluru (Ayres Rock) 
  • Alice Springs 
  • The Devils Marbles
  • Multiple mine sites  
  • The most deserted place we have ever seen 
  • Crossed the Western Australia border into the Kimberley during the peak of the wet season
  • Endured biblical rain, thunderstorms, road closures and fallen trees
  • Raging creek crossings in the middle of the night
  • Avoiding herds of cattle and countless kangaroos

and nervously made our way through crocodile infested flood waters!!

Not to mention in the mean time, building a website to sell the Abstract Aerial Art prints. Oh, and trying to eat, sleep, and find signal to keep online as best we can. You could say Its been a rather busy and adventurous few days!

The photos below show our journey from Melbourne up until the entrance to the Kimberley at the Western Australian border. We have so many images but we have chosen a brief selection. We will post the photographs from the Kimberley in the next few days (promise!) as we feel this magical place deserves its own post!



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